Glow in the Dark Golfball

Glow in the Dark Golfball

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Glow in the Dark Golfbal
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- No batteries needed
- Can be charged with an UV flashlight
- After charging the light is bright for 5 to 8 minutes
- Feels and plays like a normall Golfball
- Packed with 3 pieces in a foil bag.

Glow in the dark golf offers golf clubs a different way to host tournaments, especially in wintertime when daylight is much shorter.

Night golf can combine competitiveness with fun and raising money for good causes. It can bring in additional revenue for golf clubs through opportunities to keep the clubhouse open for post-round drinks/food.

Glow-in-the-dark golf balls

can also be a great gift for any golfer who wants to work on their chipping or putting and can do so in their back garden without having all the lights on to see where the golf ball goes.

Our glow-in-the-dark golf ball doesn’t require any form of battery and is loaded using a UV light or blacklight with the ball being fully loaded in just thirty seconds.

The charge will give ten minutes of light which can allow you to play a couple of holes or get some practice done. As the light fades, simply use your UV light/blacklight and recharge the ball.

 Using the UV light to power up the golf ball will produce a stronger light compared to the LED equivalent so it will stand out clearer in flight and be easy to spot if the golf ball ends up in heavy rough or bushes.

Being able to recharge the light gives our golf ball the maximum longevity and flexibility of use.

The cover of the ball is robust enough to withstand play from bunkers and won’t be damaged by picking up water on the surface. The ball’s cover is made from the same material as a regular golf ball so the golfer won’t notice any difference in feel when striking the ball.

Our golf ball comes in either a pack of three or you can order a carton containing 120 balls.One colour is available at present.

With the glow-in-the-dark golf ball offering a novel way for golfers to play the game why not invest in a pack from GlowFactory and see just how well they perform!!