Neon Shot Cups

Neon Shot Cups

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Plastic Shot Glass - Re-usable - Neon and Blacklight reflective
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Product specifications:
- 4 colors mixed in a box (red, yellow, green and blue)
- Packed per 800 pieces in a box
- Contents 50 ml
- Reusable

What use is Neon at Shot Glass?

Good question! Just to see clearly - these shot glasses DO NOT glow in the dark.
It is true that these glasses light up under the light of a black light and therefore give a nice effect. You may know that black light from the discotheque - the blue glow that causes your T-shirt but also your white teeth to light up - This effect is black light - and our shot glasses also light up with this UV light. Don't have a black light? Then you can also use this shot glass.

Who are these shot glasses suitable for?

We only sell this item per box of 800 pieces - our customers are mainly wholesalers and large consumers - such as resellers but also a restaurant, catering industry or club. This is the type of shot glass that is so cheap that not everything is returned to the bar - it is often taken as a souvenir or used at home as a memento of a beautiful evening. This is also possible - it is a cheap item.

Can these shot glasses go in the dishwasher?

A frequently asked question from the catering industry - the answer is simple - YES!
These shot glasses are reusable and dishwasher safe - but we have to be honest.
These glasses are so lightweight that in In some (industrial) dishwashers the shot glasses fly through the dishwasher - our advice is to rinse the glasses in the sink!

Can these glasses be printed?

Yes, that is also possible - but we only do this in the factory in China.
The minimum order quantity is 25,000 pieces - and printing is possible in 1 color.
Smaller quantities can be printed with for example, pad printing - you can compare this with stamping items - we do not offer this - we can of course put you in touch with a party that has experience with these shot glasses.